Abstracts information

Abstracts demands

  • Abstract should be e-mailed to uwnsm2019@gmail.com;
  • Deadline for abstract submission extended till February 1, 2020;
  • List the presenting author’s full names and complete mailing address;
  • All correspondence regarding the abstract will be sent only to the presenting author by E-mail. Please confirm your E-mail address;
  • The abstract should be in Word-format and less than 400 words in English;
  • The abstract title should be brief and accurate. It must not be exceeded the limit of 25 words. Please do not use abbreviations (except those commonly used);
  • Structure (you must use the following structured format (include the thematics)):
    • Background;
    • Objectives (or Aim);
    • Methods;
    • Results;
    • Conclusions;
    • Key Words;
  • Graph – no graph (table/diagram/picture) should be included in the abstract

Method of Presentation

All presentations will be oral only, a personal computer [PowerPoint2007] will be used. There will be no facilities for projecting traditional slides, nor will there be video systems. If you have been invited to make an oral presentation, please prepare Power Point slides, compatible with a MacOSX or Windows (2000/XP/Vista) operating systems.


Poster presentation is accessible for all comers as PowerPoint presentation (not more than 5 slides). For poster presentations a TV-screen with laptop will be available. Deadline for posters – 15th of January 2020.