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Dear colleagues!
 We invite you to participate in the cientific and practical conference of neurosurgeons of Ukraine with international participants “High Technologies in Improving the Quality of Life of Neurosurgical Patients”, which will be held on October 23-25, 2019 in Kyiv.

Over the past decade the neurosurgery has become the most technological branch of medicine. The neurosurgical achievements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, vascular, traumatic, degenerative and inflammatory diseases and lesions of the structures of the central and peripheral nervous system are due to the achievements of fundamental research in the field of neuroscience and the introduction of modern high technologies.

The conference is aimed at improving the skills of neurosurgeons, neurologists, trauma surgeons, intensive care physicians, deepening and gaining new knowledge about the capabilities of innovative neurosurgical technologies, familiarization with new developments in the field of neurosurgery and the possibilities of their practical use.

We look forward for Your active participation and effective cooperation.

Best regards
Evhenii Pedachenko,
President of the Conference, Head of the Organizing Committee,
Director of SE “A. P. Romodanov Institute  of Neurosurgery  of the NAMS of Ukraine”, Member of the NAMS of Ukraine,
Member of the World Academy of Neurological Surgery (WANS)